Engraved Awards: The Benefits Of Company Awards For Employees, Part 2

Create a Better Workplace with Company Awards!

In part one of this blog post, we went over some positive effects that bestowing company awards can have on your employees and team members. Now, we’re back with even more reasons to consider making regular company awards part of your workplace culture! You may be surprised just how much good some recognition can do.

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More Benefits of Giving Your Employees Company Awards

Recognizes Unique Contributions

With custom engraved awards, you can recognize contributions of all kinds. Not every employee can be recognized based on their metrics, and sometimes numbers alone don’t tell the whole story of how important someone is to your team. Instead of relying on sales, quotas, or other concrete achievements, awards can be used to recognize any positive aspect of your employees. Perhaps someone always has a great attitude, is a wonderful team player, or knows exactly how to rally everyone around a good cause. Make them see how valued they are by giving them a special award created just for them!

Call to action for plaques and recognition awards.

Enhances Company Events

Company events are a great place for relaxing with colleagues outside of the office, but you may be wondering what highlights to include in your event. One thing you can do to make the night a success is host a company award ceremony. You can make it funny, serious, or a mix of both. Come up with creative categories and give examples of why each employee is receiving their award, or even play some competitive games to win awards specific to the event.

Promotes Healthy Competition

Speaking of competition, company awards are a fun way to motivate your employees to go the extra mile. While they shouldn’t be used to set unrealistic expectations for your team, awards can help define a specific goal related to your company’s niche or workplace culture. Perhaps you could create a competition around hitting a metic, or doing good deeds around the office or in your community. The competition can be anything, just be mindful of how it will affect your employees. Consider structuring the competition to be team-focused, or setting it up in a way that encourages everyone to participate. You may need to create individual competitions for specific departments. Have fun and get creative!

Show Your Employees How Much You Care with Engraved Awards

When your employees go above and beyond for you, do the same for them with personalized company awards from Total Recognition. Add their name, award title, and date to a variety of trophies, plaques, medals, and more! To start creating your awards now, head over to our shop page. We have plenty of options for you to explore! Contact us anytime with questions.

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