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3 Reasons to Engrave a Trophy

Presenting someone with a trophy is a thoughtful and memorable way to recognize their achievements. These awards are ideal for commemorating any victory, be it academic, athletic, or professional, and can be made even more special with engraving. Here are a few ways personalizing a trophy can help set it apart.

Why Engrave Trophies?

1. Include Event Details

While it’s easy to hand over a trophy and congratulate the winner, that doesn’t necessarily speak to the achievement that earned them the award. When you engrave the gift, you can include their name, the date, the event’s name, and the specific success they achieved. This is a source of great pride, and it will be something that the recipient will treasure.

2. Add Value to the Award

Trophy Engraving is a thoughtful gesture that adds greater meaning to the award, too. Often, professionals are honored after serving their company for a significant period of time or for meeting a specific goal. These types of achievements are special on their own, but awarding someone a personalized trophy that includes the details of their accomplishment makes it even more distinctive and noteworthy. Handing over a customized gift is meaningful to both the giver and the recipient.

3. Create a Floating Trophy

A floating trophy is presented to the winner of a competition that happens regularly, for example, once a year or once a quarter. Each time the award is given, the new winner’s information is added to the existing trophy. This allows the winner to revel in victory while seeing the names of those who were awarded before.

The trophy is passed on to each subsequent winner until there’s no room left to engrave more names. When this happens, the trophy may then be displayed in the hall of the building or organization associated with the award. This helps mark historic achievements and recognize recipients throughout the years.

If you’re seeking high-quality trophies and plaque awards to present to your team or event participants, contact Total Recognition, Inc. in Dalton, GA. Proudly serving the Tri-State area, the company is proud to offer a variety of beautiful engraved gifts designed to commemorate the recipient’s achievements in style. Visit their website to find out more about their unique awards, or call (706) 278-0077 to speak with a member of their team.

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