3 Reasons Your Business Should Have an Annual Awards Program

A competitive salary and generous benefits package help attract top talent — but recognizing staff achievements and hard work will make them stay. Annual office awards that single out high performers will show workers that they’re noticed and appreciated, which can, in turn, improve morale and productivity. Below are just a few reasons every company should recognize their best employees with custom awards every year.

3 Benefits of Annual Employee Awards

1. Promoting Company Values

custom awardMany companies base awards on sales volume and other metrics, but custom awards can be more closely tailored to the values of your organization. For instance, you might reward an employee for participating in the most fundraisers, suggesting ways to reduce your company’s environmental impact, or earning positive feedback from customers. Making these goals transparent brings your corporate ethos to the forefront and encourages everyone to work toward the same goals.

2. Retaining Top Talent

People are more likely to enjoy working for an organization that respects their contributions and treats them as individuals. A custom award engraved with their name and the milestones they’ve reached will show your employees just how much you value them.

Trophies or plaques are especially appreciated when there are significant developments in a worker’s career, such as reaching a certain tenure with the company. Even junior employees can benefit from this sort of positive reinforcement.

3. Increasing Employee Engagement

Employees who feel neglected or unappreciated are less likely to perform well. Custom awards can be an important part of a culture of engagement, which often results in lower absenteeism and higher productivity. Hosting a ceremony to distribute the awards can also foster community spirit and improve staff bonding.

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