3 Steps to Take Before Giving an Award

3 Steps to Take Before Giving an Award, Dalton, Georgia

Whether you are having a contest at work or looking for a way to honor the efforts of a student-athlete, holding a ceremony and giving a formal award or trophy is an excellent way to celebrate successes. Here are three crucial steps you should take before giving an award and why.

3 Tips For Giving a Trophy

1. Consider the Theme

There are thousands of trophies available, so think carefully about what the theme of your event is and what you want the award to look like. For instance, if the award is to celebrate achievements in soccer, finding a trophy with a soccer emblem is a nice touch.

2. Have the Award Engraved

Consider choosing a trophy that offers an area for a customizable plaque. Before the award ceremony, have the trophy’s emblem engraved. Check the spelling of the person’s name several times before the permanent engraving. You can also have the specific achievement listed under their name, such as “Top Salesman of the Year” or “First Place Regional Champion.”

3. Clean the Award

trophy-Dalton-GABefore handing over the award at the ceremony, clean the trophy carefully. Use a lint-free, non-scratching cloth to wipe away any dust or fingerprints. During the event, make sure the trophies aren’t handled a lot before they are given, so they stay clean and shiny for the recipient.


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