3 Ways to Keep Your Glass Trophy Clean

3 Ways to Keep Your Glass Trophy Clean, Dalton, Georgia

After receiving a crystal or glass trophy, you’ll want to keep it clean and shiny to commemorate your success. Unfortunately, many people fail to keep their awards clean or use the wrong methods, accidentally damaging their prize. To keep your trophy looking its best, follow these tips.

How to Care for Your Glass Trophy

1. White Vinegar

A vinegar and water solution is an inexpensive, effective way to clean your trophy of difficult stains. For instance, it’ll cut right through grease streaks, dried mud, and sticky food remnants. Start with one part vinegar to four parts water, and increase the vinegar concentration if you need more cleaning power. Vinegar has a strong odor, so be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry completely. Also, avoid using dark vinegar, such as balsamic or apple cider, which might leave a stain.

2. Soap & Water

trophyFor light-duty blemishes such as fingerprint smudges or collected dust, you can take a soapy sponge to the award and rinse it in warm water. However, be careful of any parts of the trophy that might not be water-safe. For instance, a wooden base could absorb moisture and start to swell, so take care not to submerge it. Finally, be sure to rinse and dry thoroughly to prevent streaking.

3. Glass Cleaner

For a truly deep clean, pick up a bottle of commercial glass cleaner. Many of these substances have ammonia, so follow the instructions carefully and don’t use them in an enclosed space. Commercial cleaners should handle any “goo” that a vinegar solution won’t clean, including gum and sticker glue.


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