4 Ways to Enhance Your Trophy Display 

Every trophy is a celebration of accomplishment. These awards are also a reminder of joyful memories you can share with family, friends, and loved ones for generations. Displaying your awards in the right way can make those memories shine even brighter. Here are a few tips on how to share your awards.

A Guide to Displaying Awards

1. Showcasing

Display your trophies on level platforms that are protected from disturbance. Arrange a showcase area on a bookcase, shelf, curio hutch, or even a specially made cabinet to keep your collection safe. Adding a glass or Plexi cover to a sturdy enclosure can create an elegant look while housing your awards. Shadow boxes can be mounted directly on walls to display smaller trophies or, for an informal look, try floating shelves in kids’ rooms and dens.

2. Lighting

No matter how you display your awards, proper lighting is key. Overly bright bulbs can trigger glare, but if the lighting is too dim, it’ll be challenging to enjoy details like lettering and sculpting. Fluorescent lights wash out sheen and color, leaving pieces appearing lusterless.

Opt for small art lights mounted on shelving above your pieces for the perfect illumination. Choose LED or halogen to enhance the colorful hues of your awards and medal ribbons.

3. Spacing

Whether using cabinetry or shelf space for displays, give your awards breathing room. For every 6 inches of height, try to allow 3 inches of space between awards so pieces are never lost in the crowd. Use the back walls of cabinets and cases to hang ribbons and plaques, but make sure they have a margin of open space around them, too.

4. Location

Where you place your display can depend on anything from meaning to décor or personal taste. Profound awards for service or achievement look at home in an entryway. Alcoves are ideal in living areas to attract attention while conserving floor space. Kids take pride in displaying awards in bedrooms and game rooms. Home offices and dens are appropriate for professional recognition.

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