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How Participation Trophies Teach Important Values to Child Athletes

How Participation Trophies Teach Important Values to Child Athletes, Dalton, Georgia

Before a child can learn the value of hard work, perseverance, and other lessons sports can teach, they have to develop an appreciation for the game and the importance of actually participating. While they might have a negative reputation among some parents, participation trophies reinforce important values that can help children throughout their lives. Here are a few reasons giving out participation trophies is so important.

Why Your Team Should Award Participation Trophies

Valuing Participation

Success in anything, from sports to school and the workplace, starts with showing up and participating. If your team only recognizes the achievements of two or three kids, the others may eventually start to lose interest. Perhaps they’ll gravitate to another sport, or they might decide that there’s no point in trying if they’ll never be a star player. Participation trophies let your kids know that there is value in showing up and learning the skills, even if they’re not a star player.

Being Part of Something

trophiesChildren naturally want to fit in with their peers and feel like they’re part of a community. Participation trophies make them feel accepted by recognizing that they are part of the team, came to practice, and actually played in games. This can give them the confidence to keep working on their skills during the off season and sign up again next year.

Fostering a Love of Sports

Participating in any sport gives kids a wide range of advantages, but young children play, first and foremost, for the fun of it. Focusing solely on winning and losing takes the joy out of the game for many kids, 70% of whom drop out before they even reach high school. Participation trophies take the focus away from success on the field and puts it back where it belongs — on the child’s experience.


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